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About us

Published since 1970, Adirondack Life has earned numerous national awards for the quality of its photography and design and the depth of its editorial content; most recently it was named 2023 Regional Magazine of the Year by the International Regional Magazine Association. The magazine covers New York’s six-million-acre Adirondack Park, which offers more wild country than Yellowstone, Yosemite and Glacier National Parks combined.

Within six bimonthly and two special-focus issues, the magazine, based in Jay, New York, explores the region’s people, places, wildlife, history and public issues, and gives readers insider tips on outdoor recreation, from hiking and canoeing to ice-climbing and backcountry skiing. In late spring, the Annual Guide to the Great Outdoors is devoted entirely to outdoor pursuits; in fall, At Home in the Adirondacks features architecture, interior design, gardening and home products reflecting the region’s signature style.

Writers such as Bill McKibben, Russell Banks, Joe Connelly, Christine Jerome, Andrea Barrett and Amy Godine have contributed to the magazine. Their thoughtful essays, historical features and fiction illustrate how people respond to this special place. Nancie Battaglia, Carl Heilman II, Mark Bowie, Mark Kurtz, Aaron Hobson, Robert Lubeck and Ben Stechschulte are just some of the highly regarded photographers who share their work on our pages. In each issue, a mix of images and articles gives great insight into the Adirondack Park, where small towns coexist with wilderness.

This park is a protected landscape with some 3,000 lakes and thousands of miles of rivers and streams. Extensive tracts of old-growth forest will never be logged, destined to remain “forever wild” according to the state constitution. Dozens of mountains tower above 4,000 feet, some with alpine summits where rare arctic plants survive. In recent years, bald eagles, moose and, by some accounts, even mountain lions have reclaimed their original habitat.

Copies of the magazine may be purchased at newsstands and bookstores throughout the Northeast or by calling 800-877-5530. The subscription rate is $27.95 per year.